Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 10 Biker Names for CAM

You may remember me talking about my stint with the Hell’s Angels, back before Titan and I had kids. And by stint, I mean I saw them at a club in San Francisco. And, being the conservative suburbanite that I am, I stood out like a cardigan wearing, grandma purse toting sore thumb.

Well, I have some friends who are bikers.  
Does that somehow increase my coolness by proxy?

You know, I do have a little bit of biker cred. Back when I was in elementary school, my dad would pick me up from school on his motorcycle. I would get on the back and put on my helmet and it made me feel a bit less nerdy than I was. It was even more awesome when he came in uniform and picked me up in his police car. That got the kids looking!
Anyway, I had the chance to recently hang out with a local motorcycle club and participate in their fundraiser event. Yes, bikers fundraise! This particular club has a mission to protect children, and they take it very seriously. I am happy to get behind something like that and spend some money.

Once again, I stuck out like a sore thumb. At least this time I had jeans on and not business casual attire! I was in a neighborhood that is not one I frequent at night, and the building was packed with people adorned with black leather, beards, crosses, skulls, gargoyles, embroidered patches, and tattoos.
The thing that really struck me was how many different motorcycle clubs were there that night, all showing their support to what may otherwise be considered a rival club. But, because their mission is all about kids, this particular club has made lots of friends and is able to garner quite a bit of community support. I think that is pretty cool!

My husband works in the construction field and he has told me countless stories over the years about how some of the roughest looking guys are actually the most kind and generous people he has ever met. I think the same can be said about the biker crowd. You may have a stereotypical filter on when you look at them, but I was able to notice immediately the sense of family among the group. Sure, they can be tough and serious when they need to be, but they care about each other like they are related. That is something you don’t see very often.   
It’s kind of the same lesson we all have to learn about autism and other invisible disabilities. A child may not be what they appear at first glance, but there is so much more about them to be uncovered when you get to know them.

So, back to bikers! This particular club believes in what I’m doing with my nonprofit and they decided to become a sponsor at a fundraiser I have coming up. When they turned in their paperwork and listed the names of the people on their team for the event, I had to smile. I saw names like Ribbit, K-Dog, Red, Junkyard, and more. I mean, who has a cool nickname like that? Bikers do!
I let my mind wander a bit, and found myself trying to think of what I would call myself if I ever opted to become a biker chick. Since I am pretty far away from being cool, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  

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I present to you my stream of thought as I attempted to come up with a suitable biker name. You never know when you might need one! Although, if I ever drove a motorcyle, I'd probably have to wear head-to-toe body armor to protect me from my own clutziness.
Here are my top 10 biker names in no particular order:
Angel – An obvious choice given that my name is Angela.
Cam – If you are reading this blog, then you know what CAM stands for!
Betty – An homage to Betty White, the hilarious, sweet and squeaky clean lady that every so often shocks you with something she says or does. I’ve shocked a few people in my day!  
C-Burn – This is a play on the cool names that famous people give themselves (like T-Pain and such). This particular name is a derivative of Carol Burnett, one of my all time favorite comedians and queen of physical comedy. If you have no idea who Carol Burnett is, you need to look up her brilliantly funny show - and, I also feel really, really old.    
Lucy – Because I’ve always got some ‘splainin’ to do! Lucille Ball was always so funny!
Ballerina – I am the exact opposite of graceful. I have a scar and partial paralysis on my forehead to prove it. And, bruises on my legs because I’m always banging into something. You get the point.
Kona – After my favorite variety of coffee.
Corretto – Referring to an alcoholic coffee drink. What is better after a long day than coffee with a bit of booze?
Scotta – Paying tribute to the Scottish heritage on my mom’s side. Scotta is the name where Scotland came from, referring to the goddess/warrior woman that lived on the Isle of Skye.
Sugar – My weakness. My nemesis.

Which one is your favorite?
What would your biker name be?

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