Monday, May 2, 2011

Every day is autism awareness day

April was Autism Awareness Month. You may have noticed the list of blogs I had at the bottom of each post this past month. I had the privilege to share my blog with some great mommies for the entire month in order to draw attention to autism. I hope you had a chance to hop around and visit some of those blogs.
Now that it’s May, Autism Awareness Month is officially over. But, that doesn’t mean that autism awareness just hides in a dark drawer somewhere until next year. There are MANY families like mine that recognize autism awareness every single day of our existence.
Please do not forget about us.

On behalf of all of these families, including my own, here are some things I’d like you to know:
Some days we learn a lot from autism.
Some days we feel completely ill-equipped to handle autism.
Some days we despise autism with every cell in our body.
Some days we appreciate a new perspective given to us courtesy of autism.

Nonetheless, families like mine are here. Fighting. Hard. There are lots of us, and our numbers increase every day.  
We are exhausted.
We are broke.  
We agonize about the future.
We just want to make it through each day without incident.
We wonder what our child’s experience of life is like.
We struggle.
We celebrate each success.
We wish we understood our children more.
We love our kids.
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