Friday, May 27, 2011

It just keeps gettin’ better and better!

**First, a disclaimer: What you are about to read is the whiny rant of a mom who is financially strapped, tired of fighting, stressed out, exhausted, and angry as hell. This post is not long, but it speaks to the struggle that thousands of families face both in my home state and across this nation. I know my situation is a walk in the park compared to others out there, but I just needed to vent. Thank you!**  
A couple of weeks ago I got a letter in the mail from our health insurance company in regard to an appeal for over 6 months of therapy charges that they denied. Their letter states:
“Based on a review of the submitted information in conjunction with the plan document language and healthcare policy, it has been determined that the charges…would not be medically eligible for benefits. Based on the documentation received, this child is autistic and there are no habilitative benefits under the medical plan.”
Welcome to insurance discrimination against autism, people. It runs rampant here in Washington.
As if it could not get any better, last night we got our new open enrollment packet for my husband’s work. The letter included stated:
“We must unfortunately raise the…plan rates this year…with an overall increase of 25%.”
We already pay close to $700 a month for medical and dental alone. With the new price increase, our cost is almost $800 a month, not including our other elections and deductions. I may have to sell a kidney here soon to pay for the benefits that my kids need (even though the dang insurance company refuses to pay on medically necessary claims).
So, instead of spinning my head around and spewing forth all of the venom I feel about our health insurance and financial situation, I thought it would be best if I just stopped writing now and simply posted a few more comics.

I removed a couple of letters on this pic. I think you get the idea! 

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