Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Mother's Day 2011

Card from Monkey - It's hard to read, but on the right it says,"Dear Mom. I love you so much. Yes! Were so lucky to have a nice mom." On the left is a quote from him: "I like my mom because she is nice and always makes us do fun stuff." I think it's funny how he wrote, "Wonderful!" and "Autism!"

Card from Prince Charming - Inside it says, "I love you mom" with a picture of me. I love the spiky hair and the big smile he gave me. Too cute.

Here is a card Monkey made for me in his classroom. On the left: "You make me happy make us go in the front yard." On the right: "You taught to play basketball!"

Here is the back of Monkey's card: "You are the best at...Autism meetings!" (He's referring to my support group.)
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