Friday, May 13, 2011

My first radio interview!

Do you have 30 minutes to spare? You should head over to the Total Tutor’s Total Education Show on Blog Talk Radio and hear yours truly in my very first one-on-one radio interview. You may recall that I was on the Total Tutor’s show as a call-in guest not that long ago. I even wrote about it here.
I was really surprised when the host, Neil Haley, asked to conduct a full interview with me for his show a couple of days ago. It was exciting but it also gave me that same small wave of nausea I used to get before going into a final exam. It was scary to think about filling a half-hour just with me. Luckily, he had lots of great questions, so it wasn’t as hard as I imagined. Of course, I was nervous and messed up here and there. Oh well.   
The interview took place on Tuesday, May 10th and is now available for instant online streaming or you can download it and listen to it later. 
He asked me about my blog and why I started it. I got to share a little bit about my kiddos and some of the progress they’ve made. He also asked me to talk about my support group. I even got to spend a moment on my soapbox and speak about the need for insurance reform for autism in the State of Washington. We talked about other stuff, too. You’ll just have to listen to the interview to find out the rest!   
I’m happy to say that I got through the interview and I didn’t totally bomb it. Yay for that! I hope you have a chance to listen to the show, and feel free to give me your feedback. 

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