Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A chiropractor in training

Prince Charming loves going to the chiropractor. In times past, the boys would both get upset because they didn’t like the sound of the motorized table moving up and down. Prince Charming would often cry. The chiropractor learned to leave the table down and we would just climb on and off of it so that the boys wouldn’t freak out. We appreciated him being so accommodating of their sensory needs.
Each time we went for an adjustment, they got more used to it and they eventually no longer minded the sound of the table. Our chiropractor would offer to give them an adjustment so that they would learn that it wasn’t scary. We knew it might even help them with some of their physical and behavioral symptoms, so we welcomed his offer. At first, the boys wouldn’t allow him to touch them. The doctor was always patient and kind and would try again the next visit. That patience has paid off.
Now the boys get so excited when they realize it’s our appointment day. We get into the room and they fight over who gets to go first. With the doctor’s permission, they even take turns assisting with lowering and raising the table by pushing the foot pedal on the floor.
When they get adjusted, their little bodies are super flexible and gumby. The chiropractor always tells them what a good job they are doing and says, “Boy, I wish your mom and dad would adjust as easily as you do!” Yeah, I wish that, too! I wish I didn’t groan in agony on those days when I’m really hurting and I tense up my muscles because I know it’s going to be painful. Both of the boys giggle when they get adjusted. It feels so good to them that their elation is tangible. The grins on their faces light up the room.
I think Prince Charming has already decided that he wants to be a chiropractor when he grows up. He stands next to the doctor, waiting to assist whenever possible. Luckily, our chiropractor is very willing to let the boys help out and doesn’t mind their participation. Prince Charming stands next to him and places his hands on my back or my husband’s back and then when the doctor presses down for the adjustment, Prince Charming follows suit (at a different spot on the spine). He is not strong enough to actually make an adjustment, but he is following the technique pretty closely. He is so darn cute to watch. Our chiropractor gets a kick out of it, too. He likes to give the boys high-fives when they do a good job.
I like to joke with our chiropractor that he is training his future intern. If it ever actually turned into something, I imagine he would attend Prince Charming’s graduation. Now, wouldn’t that be cool?

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