Monday, January 24, 2011

Me, me, me, Monday!

It’s Monday. Blah. How can I make today’s entry more interesting? I guess it would be easier for me to write about something light - nothing too serious. Let’s make it something personal. Whatever pops into my head first. Now, give me a minute to think about that… I need coffee. Where’s my coffee?
Well, I think this would be a great time to define my intentions for this blog and formally introduce you to my family. So, violà! We have a topic! Shall we begin?
I guess I haven’t really thought long and hard about why I am here doing this blog at this moment. In a way, it just kind of happened. If you don’t know me personally, then you have no idea that I run a support group for families with special needs children. For the past couple of years I have sporadically blogged on a site dedicated to my group, as well as for a non-profit special needs foundation I volunteered with. I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people, become acquainted with many more through mediums like Facebook, and I’ve had the privilege to read some really great blogs along the way. All of these experiences have been rich, rewarding, and inspiring. I’ve thought off and on about starting a new blog but never did anything about it. C’mon now, does the world really need another blog? Besides, I wasn’t sure I could make another commitment that would take up my time and energy, which is already in exceedingly short supply.
In the past few months, three key moments got me thinking more about this crazy blog idea. I had a speaking engagement where I was given an opportunity to share some of my personal moments from our family’s journey with autism. That experience was literally the most fabulous time I’ve ever had speaking in public. It was honest, emotional, and fulfilling. Soon after, I had another chance to share some of my family’s key moments, both in pictures and in writing. Once again, even though it was an emotional process to get everything on paper, it was truly rewarding. Then, a few weeks ago I had to submit a personalized cover letter for a job I was applying for. The letter was supposed to showcase my writing style. I allowed myself to be open and humorous with the letter, and it was actually a fun exercise in seeking employment. In total, all three of those moments helped reconfirm that I like to write, I like to share, and I actually have a lot to say that could be helpful to others.
This brings us to two weeks ago. I injured my back. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t really know. Needless to say, I’ve been stuck in a chair, or in bed, mostly immobile and bored out of my skull. Since I’m a busy-body multi-tasker, I can’t just sit in a chair all day. It drives me insane. My husband offered to give me lessons in laziness, since according to him, he’s an expert. Whatever. My laptop soon became another appendage during those days, and out of my painful boredom, I birthed a baby blog. And that’s how it happened. So, here I am. And, in case you wanted to know, my back is finally starting to feel better. Hooray for that!
I’ve had the blog up and running for almost a week now. And, you know what I realized? This is something I enjoy. I have friends who blog professionally. Heck, if I get to be really good at it, there’s actually a chance of making some money doing something I enjoy. Wouldn’t that be great? We could certainly use a little help in that department! And, the added bonus, no more looking for a job! I know this won’t happen overnight, but I can dream.  
To my beloved reader, I will make a commitment. I will do my best to provide several entries a week, if not daily, Monday through Friday. However, my life is fairly insane and I’ve learned that I have to roll with the punches sometimes. That means you might not hear from me every day because things got a little nuts. I’ll do what I can, without driving myself to drink (alcohol, that is). Well, maybe a little…
I know I’m not the best writer in the world, but I hope there’s stuff in here you like to read. I want to write about things you’re interested in. Input from your comments can help me generate new topics. Feel free to leave me your feedback!
Now, I would not be here without my family. I’d love to tell you about the wonderful men in my life! First, a disclaimer. Since I intend this blog to reach a larger audience than I’ve written for previously, I am going to give my family members fake names. Who knows? I might change my mind and end up spilling the beans at some point, but for now we’ll try this out. If you are one of my friends on Facebook or you live in the Pacific Northwest and know me personally, then please respect my desire to help maintain anonymity for my family, and do not refer to anyone by their actual name in a posted comment. Thanks for your cooperation!
First is my most amazing husband, Titan. Yes, as you can tell by the name, he’s a tall drink of water, and he’s the best guy any girl could ever want. Seriously! We’ve been married for over 12 years. I couldn’t do what I do for my boys without his help. He fully supports me in everything I do: my support group, speaking engagements, community events, advocacy, mentoring, and now this blog. I’m going to turn myself into a big ball of moosh talking about him, and I’m sure you’d rather not pair your coffee with nausea. Moving on…
Next is my first-born, Monkey. He is 8 years old, and he’s as skinny as they come. As you can tell by the name, he’s likes to climb. He can also contort his body into various pretzel-like forms, and he’s all knees and elbows. Not only is he handsome, he is very intelligent. He’s my electronics junkie. We’re talking Wii, DS, laptop, everything! Besides toys that require electricity, he loves books.
And then there’s my youngest, Grumpy Badger. Or, on a good day, Prince Charming. Depending on his mood, you might see either name. He is a hot and cold kid, and when he’s on, he is the most social and amazing little boy you’ve ever met. He has a smile that makes people melt. Well, mostly women. When he’s grumpy, boy you better watch out. His favorite things are trains, cars, and Legos.  
Now, there’s one more person that needs to be included. Her name is Miss C. She is a super-duper friend of mine that will drop everything and come running when you need her. We don’t have much in the way of local family, and on-demand babysitters don’t exactly grow on trees. Miss C is one of very few people I trust implicitly to watch over and care for my children in my absence. She is the other reason why I am able to do as much as I do, and I am thankful to count her as my friend.  
So, there you have it. My family and my intentions.  
Happy Monday to you! 
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