Friday, February 11, 2011

A love poem from Monkey

Monkey came home from school yesterday with a cut-out red construction paper heart in his hand. It was for me! Oh, boy! My heart was already getting squishy and I hadn’t even read it yet.
On the first side it said, Love Poem.
In black marker on the other side, he had written the following words:
Dear Angela, (Why is my kid writing my name instead of “Mom?” Oh well, moving on.)
You are loved from me. And I love you. (Ahhhhh! I’m having a small mommy love stroke right now. Do you know how many years I waited for this kid to say “I love you?”)
You love me like an eel. (Say what? I asked him about this. He said he picked eels because they fly. Um, okay.)
And you nad I love. (Again, say what? He told me this was a made up love sentence and that “nad” is the made up word that needed to be in the sentence. Alrighty then…)
You are like gold. (So sweet!)
And an pecan. (So, I’m crunchy, too!)
I gotta love my Monkey! Have a fun weekend of preparing Valentine’s Day cards, and may you get your own handwritten love poem from your little Monkey!
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