Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Review: The Way I Act

At the end of May I won a book giveaway from Age of Autism and received a copy of The Way I Act by Steve Metzger (verses) and Janan Cain (illustrations). I have been meaning to review it for quite a while, but as of yet had not taken the time…until now. Yes, it’s true. I’ve been slacking. It’s been known to happen on occasion. Besides, I've been mitigating the craziness of summer break! 
First of all, let me just say a huge thank you to the great folks at Age of Autism for not only having the giveaway, but somehow picking me as the lucky winner! You have no idea how exciting it is for me to receive a book in the mail. It’s like Christmas! You should have seen me when I got my author’s copy of Sensational Journeys. (For those of you who are not aware, I am a contributing author. Isn’t that super cool? I’m still doing a happy dance over that little tidbit.)

Anyway, I have a slight book problem. I love books, but I never have enough time to read them all. I continue to buy them whenever I have two pennies to rub together. I keep reminding my hubby that “it’s for the families” (meaning I will buy it for myself and then make it available in my support group’s lending library). It’s justified, right? Maybe this book obsession could even be considered honorable! OK, I’ll stop now. Getting back to the topic at hand…
The first thing I noticed when I received The Way I Act was how vibrant the colors were on the cover art. It had immediately grabbed my eye in a positive way. Prince Charming happened to be in the room when I opened the package and he caught a glimpse of it at the same time I did. Within seconds, he was at my side clamoring to look at the book. Prince Charming's reading skills have really blossomed in the past year. He is finally showing an interest in books, which I am thankful for. So, before I could even open it or read it, I handed it off to him and he climbed up into Titan’s lap and snuggled in for some reading time.

He opened the book and it captured his attention right away. He began to read the words and Titan helped him with the more difficult ones. He had great satisfaction when he could turn to the next page. When he finished the book, he asked to read it again. And he liked it. When he was done reading it the second time through, I saw him continue to flip through the pages while he looked at the illustrations. I think he really appreciated the colorful pictures.
I have to say that the illustrations are my favorite part of the book. They are captivating. My next favorite part of the book is the cadence of the verses. I think we can all agree that books are much more fun to read when they have a rhythm to the words.

The Way I Act covers 13 different ways to behave in a positive manner. As many of you are aware with autism, it’s harder for a child to grasp the “no” and the “do not” rules. They have more success when there is an example of what is “yes” and “to do” instead of only focusing on the negative behavior. Words like considerate, cooperative, and respectful are all concepts that I want my children familiar with. These words (and more) are addressed in the book with some ideas on what each of the words mean in action.
There is also a note for parents in the back of the book that provides 4 tips on how to better use the book as a teaching tool with your child.

Overall, the book is fun to look at and fun to read and it easily moves you toward discussion about the concepts presented. I have not read the previous book, The Way I Feel, but I can imagine that it would also be a worthwhile book to have. I’m sure my boys would love it.
The Way I Act is mom approved AND Prince Charming approved! It doesn’t get much better than that.

To take a look at the book more closely and read other reviews, click on the picture to the left. And, while you’re at it, visit Parenting Press to learn more about the other titles they have available.           


Linda Carlson, Parenting Press said...

So glad to hear that both you and your son enjoy The Way I Act. Of course, we at Parenting Press think it's terrific! It's been a joy to us to see the overwhelmingly positive response from the autism community for Janan Cain's illustrations.

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Linda, thank you so much for stopping by and providing this comment! I hope to see you back here again sometime!

xl pharmacy said...

This is the book I have to get because I have two children who have autism and I want to get ideas form there to apply them with my boys.

XLpharmacy said...

Great book! I will buy it for my son! Thanks

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