Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween tater tots!

I don’t know why, but tater tots are hard to come by where I live. Well, at least the non-chemical laden ones. I was browsing in my local grocery store a few days ago when I happened to see a package I’d never seen before in the freezer case of the natural and organic section. They were sweet potato tater tots! No kidding! I picked up a bag to try and came home with my prize.

Titan couldn’t wait to try them out, so I made a dinner of convenience last night - Applegate GF chicken nuggets and Alexia sweet potato puffs. Here’s what happened:
Prince Charming: What’s for dinner?
Titan: Chicken nuggets and tater tots!
Monkey: Why are the tater tots orange?
Prince Charming: They’re carrots!
Me: Boys, they are very cool Halloween tater tots! That’s why they’re such a neat orange color!
I’m such a bad mama! But, it was clever, right? It is less than a week away from Halloween, after all!
Monkey is eyeing the tray of tater tots with a look of disapproval on his face and Prince Charming is wiggling in his chair with excitement. Titan eagerly stuffs one in his mouth and does the it’s-so-hot-it’s-melting-my-tongue-off dance. He gives his stamp of approval, although his tongue is a bit worse for wear. After a minute or two pass, the boys settle down in their seats and we serve their dinner.
Monkey: I don’t want any tater tots.
Prince Charming: I want 11!
Titan: Both of you need to try at least 1 tater tot. If you like them we’ll be happy to give you more.
Monkey tries one out and promptly says he doesn’t like it. I saw that one coming.
Prince Charming: Yum! I like these Halloween tater tots!
When Monkey grumbles some more about the new food, Prince Charming replies, The tater tots are really good! They kind of taste a little bit like chocolate.
Wow! Those must be some really special Halloween sweet potato chocolate tater tots!


Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Yum! I make sweet potato fries all the time, love them. Especially this time of year when the sweet potatoes are HUGE!

Accidental Expert said...

Very, very clever. I think I may have to try this one at home.

B said...

I have not seen these! I am assuming they are gf too? Must go check them out. Thanks for sharing.

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