Monday, November 14, 2011

A really awesome GFCF giveaway!

If you were on Facebook over the weekend, you know that I promised some big news on Monday. Are you ready? I’m doing an awesome giveaway! Really, really awesome. Like $200 awesome! Do I have your attention? Good!

I was over at Earth Monkey Moms the other day (you remember my Extreme Makeover Home Edition friend) and they were doing a giveaway that was super cool. They were giving away 10 spots in an upcoming live online dietary coaching program on how to start the GFCF diet for your kids. As it turns out, the consultant that offered up the prizes was someone I wrote a guest post for back in September. You can read that post at the Apples to Oranges blog here.

Anyway, I left a comment on the EMM blog that day, mentioning that if they picked me as a winner that I would happily forfeit it to someone else. After all, I do talks and meetings all the time about the GFCF diet through my support group and nonprofit organization. I don’t really need this kind of class when so many others out there could really use the info so much more than me!

Guess what? I ended up being one of the winners. And guess what else? Lindsay at EMM told me to keep the prize! And guess what I’m doing with that prize? I’m giving it away to one of you, my dear readers!
Can I just reiterate how awesome this prize is? I'm doing a little happy dance for you right now! Do you like that visual? Anyway....sorry. I'm just a teeny bit excited. 

I can tell you from my own experience that when you first start dealing with dietary restrictions it can be very overwhelming and scary. So, how cool would it be to have someone hold your hand through the process?

The dietary coach and fellow mother warrior is Lori Brienesse-Frank, and she is the gal behind Apples to Oranges Consulting. She will take you through everything you need to know about the GFCF diet in the 8-week live webinar series, which will begin in January.  
Christmas is coming early for one lucky reader this week! Would you like to know how to win? The only mandatory requirement is to leave a comment below this post, but please use the widget I’ve included below. The rest of the items listed will give you bonus entries if you complete them. So, fill in the little blanks and check the little boxes and you are done, my friends.  
I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year, than with some professional guidance from a dietary coach like Lori. You only have a few days to enter, so get moving! Good luck!

UPDATE 11/18/2011:
Courtesy of a random number generator, the winner is...........
Molly Brunton! Congratulations! I have already sent you an email. Thanks to all who entered!


Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Wow! That is big awesome news! My kiddos is already GFCFSF, but it is so vastly overwhelming! I didn't get any 'professional' advice when doing the diet, just my own research, which is probably best. But having professional guidance would be helpful.

Molly Brunton said...

This is just what I need! I keep saying I need to take th plunge but never actually take the leap. After the weekend we had with our little terrorist, I think I really need to do this for my kids.

Kallie said...

This would be so awesome. It is something we need to do to see if it is beneficial or not for our son, although we do know from testing with our Naturopath that he is sensitive gluten and casein (among other things). We've tried it in the past, but ended up going back after being so overwhelmed by the restrictions, the cost, and that there was so little he would eat. We'd love the help!!

Angela Deckard said...

This would be great for us! I've thought about trying the diet with my sob for a long time but it just becomes too overwhelming. I would love help!!

Pam said...

My son was diagnosed with autism last month. We are looking to start going GFCF in the next week. This would be SO helpful!

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