Monday, December 12, 2011

How It's Made: Local Edition

Have you ever watched the show, “How It’s Made?” My hubby and I love that show! Titan recently discovered that Netflix has the episodes available for instant viewing. He was watching one of the shows on a Saturday a few weeks ago when Monkey wanted to know what was on TV. He immediately sat down on the couch, transfixed by the various machines and things moving along the factory assembly line in the program. Then Prince Charming wandered into the room and had the same response. They were both hooked on the show immediately.

Since then, it’s become a sort of weekend tradition to watch a couple of episodes in the afternoon. They take a moment to read through the list of items featured in each episode and choose the one they want to watch. It has been a lot of fun for them and they like to learn about how various things are made. I am not looking forward to when we run out of episodes to watch!
The show is so beloved that I will now hear Prince Charming humming the theme song repeatedly. If you are familiar with the show, you are aware that the theme song (if you can call it that) if very short and simple...something like an 8-second sound byte. At some point during the day, Titan will ask him to stop because he cannot handle hearing it for the 9 billioneth time.

We were out and about this weekend running errands and Prince Charming and I were both very thirsty. We had just left the mall because it had just closed for the night, and we realized that the only places still open were going to be sit-down restaurants and fast food joints. We wanted a quick drink and didn’t want to have to drive far to get it. Across the parking lot from the mall is a fairly new Krispy Kreme shop. I personally do not like Krispy Kreme products (unlike the vast majority of people I know who love them!), but they were open and it was only going to take us a minute to get there. So, we headed off in that direction.
I had forgotten that they have a viewing window so that you can see how they make their donuts. The boys had never been in the shop before and once inside we all suddenly forget how thirsty we were just moments before. The show, “How It’s Made” was happening right in front of our own eyes!

After about 3 minutes of watching the donuts on the assembly line, Monkey asked if we could see if there was a How It’s Made episode about making donuts. Titan reminded him that if there was an episode, it would never be as good as standing there right now, watching it happen in the Krispy Kreme shop.
I grabbed some bottled water and we sat at a table next to the viewing window while the boys stood there, enchanted by the experience. We probably stayed in the store for a half-hour watching the donuts move through the various components of the line and become the warm, soft donuts that most people really enjoy. (I have to admit that thinking about the donuts being hot and gooey kind of makes my stomach turn...)

Even though we are the weird family that goes into a Krispy Kreme and only buys water, we all had a lot of fun watching the donuts being made. It was our own local edition of “How It’s Made” and we loved it!      
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