Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: Teachers need to know!

It’s August! Have you thought about your kids going back to school yet? Have you starting shopping for school supplies?

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I had the opportunity to speak about autism with some college students studying education. We got into a nice discussion about how parents communicate with teachers. What was reaffirmed to me that evening is the absolute importance of parents communicating with teachers. It’s critical.

You are the expert!
Let me repeat that. YOU. are. the. EXPERT.

I mean it!
Your child may be surrounded by therapeutic and education experts in the school environment, but you are the expert when it comes to your child.

Use your voice. What you share about your child can better equip the teaching team to be successful in working with your child.
One of the best ways to start off the school year is to write a letter of introduction about your child. I do this every single year for both of my boys. It’s an excellent practice to get into, and I guarantee the teachers appreciate it.

Take some time and think about your child – their strengths, triggers, calming strategies, etc., and then write it up in an email or a letter to their teacher, or drop it off in person at the school. By having this information ahead of when the students arrive, the teacher will have time to review the information as they plan their classroom for the fall. 
Check out the post I wrote about this last year and get started on your child's letter of introduction. It's definitely worth the time to put it all together!
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