Friday, June 28, 2013

A giveaway that was 2,000 people in the making!

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Can I just say how much I LOVE my Facebook fans?

I do. You rock.

I want to say thank you. For liking me. Somehow you guys found my Facebook page, read my blog, and yet still stick around to hang out.

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And since you are all cool like that, it's time to celebrate a momentous occasion. The Caffeinated Autism Mom Facebook page finally reached 2,000 Likes, and it has been a loooong time coming.

Thanks for showing up and letting me know that I am not alone in my often-caffeinated, autism-laced wanderings in life. It's nice to know that there are folks there who share in some of my misery, successes, confusion, brand of hilarity, mishaps, and let's face it...crazy.

My gift to you is a sweet kitchen towel and potholder set featuring the vintage coffee lady that resembles me to a certain degree.

If I can ever afford my own custom graphics for this little blog, I imagine I'll change the CAM images to look a bit more like her. After all, she's a wavy-haired brunette, just like me. Oh, and you gotta love how she rocks the pearls and the fancy cup!

Now, get on with it. Win the cool kitchen towel set already. And, don't forget that sharing is caring.

**Please Note: Some folks with Internet Explorer are not seeing the giveaway widget below. It works flawlessly in the Chrome browser, if you are having any trouble.**


Kate Policani said...

I have liked Caffinated Autism Mom since we were in college together and acting crazy on Choir tour!!!! The page, since she put it up, I think,

Redonna Gochanour said...

Long enough to know you are awesome!!!

Stephanie said...

I honestly have no idea how long I've liked CAM. Two years, maybe?

Heather said...

I don't know either, but it's been a while. Months, maybe a year? :P

Jan J said...

Just found you a few months ago but glad I did!

Shelly Hancock said...

I've been following you for around a year now. I'm SO glad I found you!

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