Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do you have a Mom Cave?

I read an article about the latest home décor trend: Mom Caves. We’ve all heard of Man Caves, where guys can throw back a beer surrounded by the smell of motor oil and the glare of a big screen TV. Or, something like that. Well, apparently it’s now mom’s turn to have a cave.  
Do you have a hobby? I imagine claiming a space (a la Mom Cave) where you can pursue your specific interests would be very inspiring. Do you remember on the show Will and Grace how Will had always dreamed of creating a room solely for the purpose of gift wrapping? How many scrapbookers wish they had their own in-home scrapbooking studio?
I envision a Mom Cave being a space where you could spend time doing the things you love without interruption. For me, it would be a quiet space with a comfy chair and sofa, good lighting, lots of books, serene music, my laptop, and a door with a lock. It would essentially be a super comfortable office where I could relax enough to take a nap, if I so desired.
Do I think I’ll ever have a Mom Cave? Nope, not really. I don’t see how I could find the space. I essentially rule over the entire house as it is. I also don’t know how I would find the time to use my Mom Cave enough to make it worth the hassle and expense of creating such a tranquil spot in the first place. Once I got in there, I don’t know how I would be able to block out the loud signs of life outside the door, other than perhaps the soothing sounds of a jet engine in the background. And, I know I would feel somewhat guilty for having a special spot when no one else did in quite the same way.
The concept of a Mom Cave sure is fun to daydream about. It might be more of a Real Housewives thing…you know: money to burn, more space than you need, and the nanny to help. In my world, it’s not very realistic.
How do you create time and space for enjoying the things you love? Do you have a Mom Cave? If so, tell me about it! I want to drool in jealousy over the details.


ThaiHoa said...

Oh Please! I only dream and wish of a Mom Cave!

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Ditto! :-)

Penelope Trunk said...

Hi, there. I talked with you on the phone tonight -- the Aspergers in school call. I think that was the topic. I don't actually know what the topic was. But anyway, I liked you on the phone and I came to your blog, and I really like your blog. I have an eight-year-old with Aspergers and I like reading your blog because I don't really talk to other moms about their Asperger kids.


Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Hi, Penelope. I appreciated your insight on the call last tonight. Thanks for looking me up! I'm glad you like my blog. I'll be checking yours out, too! Have a nice weekend.

Teresa said...

I have a Mom Cave. There is nothing relaxing about it. It is the room where I collect:
*everything that needs repair, when I have time
*everything that needs mending, when I have time
*everything I want to create, when I have time
*reminders of what I used to do with my time, when I had time
*there is no lock and
*it never stays organized.

It's like a great big storage bin of my dreams. Which makes it a great, and greatly frustrating place to hang out.

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Teresa, it sounds like you are talking about my office! I *know* the feeling. I've put a lot of my interests on hold and that's part of the reason why I started writing this blog. I wanted to recapture some of what I placed on the back burner, like my interest in writing. And, my office is a work in progress... I hope you are able to find moments here and there to focus on what you love (beyond your children). :-)

Earth Monkey Moms said...

No mom cave here... but a girl can dream right?? I work from home and my computer is in the front room so I can see when my kids are about to light the house on fire or shank each other with broken toys... Someday I will have an office though... someday... with a cozy chair (as opposed to the kitchen chair i sit in now) and an lamp that is not broken hanging from the chords (my boys have broken every single lamp in my house.) AND as long as I'm dreaming I'll add an espresso machine .... ok back to reality...

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Oooh! An espresso machine! Now you're talking my language! ;-) I'll dream with you.

Wendy Coffman said...

I do and I love it! It's a 900 Sq foot loft tucked in the attic of our house! There's 4 big tables for scrapbookers, lots of storage, a station to make tea, (and a guest bed, just in case). I justify it by hosting twice a month scrapbooking classes at my home as part of my part time business...and my business keeps me sane and grounded while living through this crazy life of three littles under the age of 6. It's an escape, a reminder that I'm a real business{person} too, and a lovely tax write off. It's lilac purple and absolutely girlie, unlike anything else in my life/home. My husband suggested it when we were looking at houses - a kind of sanctuary from trains, superheros, and tantrums.

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