Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning dose of cuteness

I wasn’t going to take time to write today, but this was so cute I couldn’t resist. Prince Charming put such a huge grin on my face this morning, I was compelled to share.
At Christmas, both of the boys received a Squirmle from their Grandpa. Prince Charming was ter.ri.fied of it and would scream whenever someone got it too close to him. About a month later, he was finally able to touch it when Titan was playing around with it. Once he figured out how soft it was and that it was something fun to play with, it’s been his little buddy. He calls it “Wormie.”
What I love about this is that he has developed a relationship with Wormie. Monkey has never been able to show affection toward a stuffed animal or any other object, so it’s been fun to see Prince Charming do something that is so typical for kids his age. I’ve heard him tell Wormie, “You’re a good friend,” and, “Wormie, I love you.” I get a squishy heart when I hear stuff like that.
He built Wormie a cage out of Magnetix toys so that Wormie could stay safe in his room and also go to bed with him. We’ve had lots of fun playing with Wormie over the past couple of months, and Wormie has gotten so much love that his string has been broken several times and he’s losing his fuzz in little chunks.
This morning we were waiting in the driveway for the bus. It had rained over an inch here yesterday and continued to rain through the night. As we’re walking outside, I see worms on the pavement. I point out the biggest worm I see and also one nearby that’s about half the size. Prince Charming is very interested in watching them wriggle around. He says, “That’s the daddy worm and that’s his son.” Yep, more mommy squishies right there.  
When the bus arrives to take him to school, he bounds up the stairs, emphatically telling the bus driver that he saw some worms. I watch Prince Charming take a seat and I see the big smile on his face. I’m waving goodbye and he’s looking out the window, but not at me. It looks like he’s looking at the ground. As he starts to wave I see him say, “Bye Wormie!”
Now that is total cuteness.  

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