Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Carrot 911

The first carrots harvested from my garden look, um, interesting. They are all looking like this! You should have seen the look on my hubby's face when he saw them! This is the 3rd year that I've grown carrots that are funky and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I started all of my seeds inside my house, sowing them individually in peat. I transplanted them outside after they got to be several inches tall. The garden is in a raised bed with uncompacted, organic soil. I need help from all of my gardener friends for ideas on how to grow normal carrots!  Your input and comments are requested! Thanks for your help! 


Cari said...

I have no advice whatsoever! But I am laughing my ars off. Do you live within radius of a nuclear power plant? Perhaps this is how carrots should look? The pesticides on the grocery market carrots must kill off the other "arms" {?}.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

OMG, Cari! Remind me to NEVER have a drink in my hand when I'm reading something you wrote! I nearly spilled my drink on my laptop! So freaking hilarious! They are pretty ridiculous looking carrots. Apparently I am unable to grow proper carrots.

Theresa said...

Those are the wildest carrots I've ever seen. I love it. If you find out how to fix it. Let us know.

A new follower from Blogelina.

Kara said...

I'm new here, so I don't exactly feel comfortable giving advice. But, have you considered planting jellyfish?

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Too funny, Kara! :-)

Monica said...

I think you have grown the exactly perfect carrot for your family. One might even say autistic carrots many many facets and each one as interesting as the next where can I get some.

Renae Hobby said...

I was just googling "crazy carrots" because of a TEDx talk I just watched. I'm still looking for a more concrete answer, but there seemed to be a suggestion that shade was an issue. Off to find out more...

Renae Hobby said...

What I found out was, if they get to much fertilizer they sprout those extra sprouts off the carrot, and if they get to much water they will split, and if they grow to close to each other they will twist around each other.
Crowding does not do that. Crowding makes carrots twined around each other. Branching is from something disturbing the tab root. That something can be compost that is not finished, nematodes, heavy soils.

Here is a useful link

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