Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moving on up!

If you were on Facebook yesterday, you may have already seen my big news. Yesterday was a very significant day!

For the first time ever, both of my boys attend the same school! Prince Charming has been in a self-contained program in another school that was more suited to his needs and offered more support. We've been working toward getting him into a regular classroom for quite some time. After his big regression last spring, it seemed even further away. Now the boys go to the same school, on the same bus, with the same schedule! It's wonderful!

I am proud to say that Prince Charming has done better than any of us expected this year and made the transition out of a self-contained classroom much sooner than we thought possible. Granted, we pushed him harder than maybe we should have, and it hasn't been without problems. But, he's now in our neighborhood school with Monkey for the first time. And, his teacher gave a glowing report of his first day. I hope the honeymoon period lasts and lasts. He has most definitely earned it!

Ready for school....together for the first time!

The most exciting part...riding the bus together!
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