Monday, April 4, 2011

Does that sandwich come with pancakes?

I went to an autism awareness event and hadn’t eaten all day. I had a headache so I stopped at fast food on the way home. I knew I needed to eat and hoped it might help my headache. When I arrived, Prince Charming immediately began eyeing my food. He’s all about the food, 24 hours a day. This kid is a bottomless pit. Here was our conversation:
Prince Charming:  “What’s that?”
Me: “My lunch.”
I watch Prince Charming as he is eyeing my food like he wants to take it from me and put it in his mouth.
Prince Charming: “No,” he said as he pointed at my sandwich. “What’s in there?”
Me: “Well, there’s chicken, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Oh, and there’s bacon, too.”
Prince Charming: “And pancakes?”
Me: “No,” as I start to chuckle. “There aren’t any pancakes in my sandwich, honey.”
Titan: “Did he say pancakes?”
Me: Laughing, I said, “Yep.”
Titan began to laugh with me. Both the boys love to eat bacon when I make pancakes. It’s always a special treat when we have bacon and pancakes. Since I was eating bacon, he decided there must be some pancakes in there somewhere.
I think he’s pretty darn cute.    

April is Autism Awareness Month. Please check out these autism mommy bloggers and give them some love.
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