Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recharging the batteries

Did you know that mommies have batteries? They do! Not that long ago, I told you about a fat lip that I got from Prince Charming when I tried to steal a hug from him. (I still have a little bump leftover from that lovely incident, by the way…) Anyway, I am usually chopped liver when daddy is in the house. The kids will climb all over him and cuddle in his lap until he falls into a kids-make-me-feel-warm-and-cozy-and-sleepy coma in his big recliner.
I came up with a fun little idea that has been helping me get a little bit more affection from my kids, and thankfully daddy is helping in the pursuit of mommy cuddles. Want to know how I have been coercing lovingly suggesting that my kids give me hugs? Cue the batteries! The initial conversation went something a little like this:
Me: Did you know that mommies have batteries?
Boys: No.
They do! Want to know how they get recharged?
What? What are you talking about?
Well, I have batteries inside me that run out of power and sometimes they need to get recharged. Want to know how they get full of power again?
Boys: How?
Hugs! When I get a hug from my boys, my mommy batteries get recharged. Mommy needs lots of hugs to get through the day. When I’m running low on power, I need your help to charge my batteries.
What? You’re silly, mommy!
I know, but it’s true. My…hug…battery… Oh, no! I think it’s…getting…low. (and I slowly stop moving)
(staring with huge grins on their faces, waiting for me to move)
Boys! You need to help mommy recharge her hug batteries! Hurry, hurry!
Okay! (they run up to me and throw themselves on me almost knocking me to the floor)
Me: Oh boy! I feel so much better! I think that charge will last me a while. Thank you for helping me fix my batteries!

More often than not, when I ask the boys for a hug they might look at me, smile, and then run over to daddy and hop in his lap. He’s watching this happen and sees my smile, but knows I could really use the hug. Since my invention of mommy batteries, I might hear him help me out by asking the boys if they think my batteries are low. Sometimes they respond and immediately run over. If they don’t or kind of playfully laugh it off, then he might suggest that they go recharge my hug batteries before they are allowed to cuddle with him.
I love him for that.  

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