Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good for giggles

What is an easy way to get the giggles around our house? Playing balloon catch, of course! It’s actually more like full-contact-football-meets-beach-volleyball. Both the boys enjoy it, but Prince Charming gets a fit of giggles whenever we play it. Last night was no exception.
Prince Charming was jumping all over, launching his body around to catch the balloon like he was diving for a fumble recovery in the Super Bowl. He was getting lots of good sensory input and hand-eye coordination practice. It’s like we were having our own sensory integration therapy at home. Our OT would be so proud.
Then, there’s the matter of the balloon going in places you don’t expect because of its uneven weight and ability to float. Let me tell you, when I got bipped in the face by the wayward balloon, he got to laughing so hard that he could barely stand. He was literally doubled over. Add in my ridiculous sound effects and he could hardly focus enough to track where the balloon was. It was hilarious! There is nothing cuter than him getting into a fit of laughter! I was laughing like crazy, too. How could I not with that much cuteness in the room?
In fact, I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard since he cured me of my headache when we played soccer a few months ago. You can read how laughter is indeed the best medicine here.
If you are in need of some good fun with your kids that is certain to cause laughter, you should try playing balloon catch. I do believe that you’ll thank me. And, you’re welcome. J
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