Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Keurig-style machine for baby formula?

I think you can easily gather from my name that I LOVE coffee. I consider myself to be a coffee aficionado and connoisseur. Some of you might call me an addict. Whatever… I may or may not resemble that remark!
Have you heard of Keurig? It’s the latest thing in making your morning routine simpler. A lot of my friends love their Keurig machine and think it makes a great cup of coffee. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the Keurig machine. I admit it. Don’t boo me if you own one. To each their own! Right? I like being able to buy my organic beans, grind them, use filtered water and make the absolute perfect cup of coffee my way.
I was flabbergasted when I happened upon an article about a Keurig-style machine that Nestle created for the sole purpose of making baby formula. At first glance the concept seems sort of scandalous, while at the same time strangely interesting and novel. Nestle calls their machine “BabyNes,” and it’s being marketed as a “new lifestyle consumer machine.”
The machine costs almost $300 and the capsules of baby formula cost almost 4 times as much as their coffee equivalent. One feature is a built-in water filtration system to eliminate concerns over bad water being consumed by infants. The BabyNes is being trialed in Switzerland before Nestle determines if they will expand into other markets, including those in developing nations.
Critics of the BabyNes say, “The current trend is manipulating young mothers into believing infant feeding is a lifestyle event like drinking Nespresso.”
Nestle has had problems over the years when it comes to their baby formula products, including some quality control issues related to bacterial contamination. Some people believe that the machine would feed into “rampant commercialism that could come at the expense of infant health.”
I breastfed both of my boys and I can tell you with some confidence that I would probably never own a machine like this, had they been around when my boys were babies. That’s not to say that for some women it would be a wonderful thing, particularly those who are unable to breastfeed their babies. But, you would probably need to have a fairly large wallet to afford it!
Is this a product you would like to buy? I’d love to hear what you think about this machine! Please leave your comments below.  


Cari said...

To the detriment of my boobs, I breastfed to. I did have to supplement with formula after both children called it quits. I personally wouldn't own this thing. But it will no doubt sell and quickly I'd think. People go bonkers over expensive new baby gadgets. A carseat, yes, I'd shell out extra for that, but come on. Formula is expensive as is, can't imagine what this costs! What happens when you have to take baby out, can't take the Nespresso machine along....

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

Both my boys got the good stuff, too and I used formula to supplement also. Yeah, it would be difficult to provide this kind of formula "on the go." Anyway, it's too expensive for most people, I think.

Jamie said...

I've been watching this product like a hawk, just waiting for it to become available in the U.S. If I get pregnant before it does, I may just order it from Switzerland. Seriously, my husband and I work full-time and I can't imagine how difficult feeding is going to be, especially given the small window of sleep we get now. The convenience of this would be a lifesaver for us! Definitely something I'm planning to purchase.

Caffeinated Autism Mom said...

It's good that you're already thinking about things like this before you get pregnant! You will be more prepared than most moms, I dare say. I'm curious what the price will be in the US and when they will actually launch it here. Check back in with me if you do end up getting it! :-)

xlpharmacy said...

I wonder if this formula is safe for our children!

Anonymous said...

Heating up stuff that's been sitting in flexible plastic and then forcing a little human who can't defend himself is child abuse. No one should put this stuff or that keurig poison in one's body under any condition.

Anonymous said...

current trend manipulating young mothers, i cal bs on that one. Not every mother has the luxury of their child getting the best and the best is breast milk. I have battled with supply issues until I was unable to feed my little one and I had to resort to formula to feed her. Trust me, if it was SAFE to buy breast milk, I would. However, it is not safe to buy breast milk from other moms considering the risk of potential dangerous viruses and medications. With that being said, formula is the next best thing and convenience plays a huge factor in every mothers life. As parents, we are always trying to find parenting methods that are effective and convenient when possible when it comes to raising newborns.If you have the money for this, I think it would be great and it just means you will have more time for cuddles and love with your newborn baby.

Romana said...

Significantly, my husband and I function full-time and i also can't think about how hard feeding will be, especially provided the small windowpane of rest we obtain now. The actual convenience of this may be a life saver for us! Certainly something I am planning to buy.

Toysadvisors said...

Yes, it would be hard to provide this type of formula "on the proceed. " Anyhow, it's too costly for most people, I believe.

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Phyllis S. Cash said...

breastfeeding (breastfeeding is not 'best' it is normal and expected by newborn mammals

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