Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cake!

Prince Charming's birthday celebration last month at home with chocolate cake - his favorite! He's a chocoholic like his mama!

He loves to eat his cake like it's a popsicle. It's either that or to eat the frosting first and then eat the cake. Either way, he loves his cake and he's too cute!

In case you want to know how I made the cake (free of gluten, casein, soy, egg, and nuts!), I have found the absolute best GFCF cake mix anywhere. Seriously. The Authentic Foods Chocolate Cake Mix is divine! It can easily be made without eggs, too. I used Pamela's Dark Chocolate Frosting Mix (rich and yummy) and Carnival Sprinkelz (because every kid loves sprinkles!).

I've linked all of these products below if you want to learn more about them. Delicious, allergy-free and so easy! 

Let's Do Sprinkelz Carnival, Gluten-Free, 1-ounce (12 pack)Authentic Foods Chocolate Cake Mix   Pamela's Products Frosting Mix, Dark Chocolate 13 oz (680 g)     

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