Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Vacuuming!

Prince Charming has found a new favorite activity - vacuuming! If you know anything about Kirby vacuums, they weigh A LOT.  Because of this, they have a transmission that you can switch to "drive" or leave it in "neutral." When it's in neutral, you have to use a lot more force to move the vacuum around. This is GREAT heavy work for my little dude. Now that he is no longer afraid of the noise and doesn't have to wear earmuffs or ear plugs to be around it, he loves it. He helps his body out with good sensory input by vacuuming a little bit almost every day.

This is a great chore for kids who can handle the noise and need proprioceptive input. They also feel really good helping out by doing a job around the house. One day Prince Charming asked if he could help when I had the vacuum out. Once he learned how to turn it on and maneuver it without crashing into the furniture, he's been happily vacuuming ever since. I love that he figured out that lugging around the vacuum made his body feel good.  
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