Monday, April 23, 2012

Another giveaway! How much do I love you?

Last week we made it to a magnificent 1,000 "Likes" on Facebook! I was floored by the love from you guys, so I thought I'd send some love right back at ya!

It's time for another giveaway!

As a token of appreciation for visiting my blog's little corner on Facebook, I thought I would pick a gift for you that is near and dear to my heart.

What could it be?

Well, think about my name: Caffeinated Autism Mom.

Any guesses? It's pretty obvious, I think.

I'm giving away coffee, of course!

Up for grabs is a 12-ounce bag of Grounds for Change whole bean coffee. Their coffee is fair trade certified, organic certified, CarbonFree certified, and shade grown. Can you say awesome? It is the Nicaragua "Segovia" variety, which is a medium roast with notes of caramel apple and roasted nuts.

Sound delicous? Just writing all of that is making me want to invent a remote controlled coffee maker. Right. Now.

Now, for a confession.

I thoughtfully purchased this bag of coffee...for myself. And, I have been looking forward to opening it. I have never tried the Grounds for Change brand and I've been wanting to.

However, you may recall that recently I have been making a concerted effort to cut down on my caffeine consumption. It sucks. But, my body is happier with the change. I have learned it's okay to say, "decaf."

So, my friends, you get to reap the benefit! I figured this was a perfect way for me to say thanks for hanging out with me on Facebook.

Entering to win is easy. All you have to do is:

1. Like Caffeinated Autism Mom on Facebook.
2. Leave a comment below this post that includes:
    (a) your email address, and
    (b) your favorite coffee brand and/or favorite coffee drink.

That's it! Remember, if you don't include your email address, I can't let you know if you won! I'll accept blog comment entries all week long. The winner will be announced on Facebook next Monday, April 30th.  

By the way, my drink of choice right now is a decaf, ristretto shot latte. If I'm feeling extra indulgent, I make it a breve. Just in case you were wondering.

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to take a moment to announce the winner of the copy of Kate Winslet's book, The Golden Hat.

Drum roll, please...

The winner is: Denise Walk! Congratulations, Denise! I have already sent you an email, so I hope to hear from you soon.

Good luck to everyone with the latest giveaway! If you win, I'd love to hear how the coffee tastes. I may have to buy another bag of it to try!

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