Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Another Bad Mommy Moment

Yesterday morning I had a moment of déjà vu. I found myself in the same situation with Prince Charming that I was in over a year ago with Monkey. It starts with a tired mom forgetting to finish the laundry and ends up with at least one boy without dry clothes to wear to school.  

In this situation, Prince Charming had a much more difficult time accepting the change in circumstances than Monkey did last year.

Luckily I found a pair of pants for him to wear that were hiding out in Monkey’s dresser drawer and happened to be the right size. Can you say minor miracle? He objected to the idea of a new pair of pants he’d never worn before. After significant prodding, he put them on and they fit perfectly. He was a very happy little boy when he got on the school bus. Thank God.
To read about the original Bad Mommy incident, click here.
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