Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Image from Mars Hill Church.

This morning we took our boys to Easter service at church. We haven't attended church on Easter Sunday for a few years because of the stress involved with the crowds, noise, etc. We made the effort this morning, and I am happy (and surprised!) to say that the boys did much better than we expected.

As we drove to church, we talked about what they could expect when we arrived and what could possibly happen. We also talked about the importance of being flexible if things didn't occur exactly the way we thought. The boys listened.

We brought a small toolkit of things to help them get through the service, including earmuffs for Prince Charming. Monkey didn't need any tools, and he actually listened to the Pastor and enjoyed the music.

It was probably the best I've ever seen them in church. Titan and I are so proud of them!

If church is difficult for you to attend like it has been for us, click here to read about how we celebrated Easter last year. 

Happy Easter!
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